Monday, December 15, 2008

Hello, if you are reading this, I'm shocked.

Hello to anyone who has happened to stumble upon this.

Welcome to Puck Money, where an aspiring undergrad business student will attempt to make his opinion heard on the happenings in the business of the hockey world, with most of the focus on the NHL. I'll also attempt to use my high school excel skills to make some sweet graphs to show how attendance fluctuates and that more people actually go to a Phoenix Coyotes game than a New York Islanders game.

When I'm watching most games, my first thought after looking at the scoreboard is something along the lines of the attendance, and I start to look at the crowd. Hockey has given a lot to me, and every time I go to a game I have a ball. Hockey games, especially the NHL, are one of the most fun events one can go to without depleting the bank account. Hockey doesn't do well on TV for a number of reasons, but one of the smaller ones is that hockey is just plain better when you're at the game; whether you're front row or resting your back on the stadium wall in the 300's.

What to expect? Well, I'm not completely sure as of right now. Probably daily attendance reports from the last night. Notable news articles from the NHL regarding their business. Expect some TV stuff focusing on ad's and marketing ploys. I just want to see for myself what works best and what doesn't in the business of hockey. So I'm open for suggestions.

More to come either tonight or tomorrow morning.


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