Monday, December 22, 2008

Last Nights Games and Mirtle on Atlanta

4 Games last night...
  1. Carolina @ Montreal - 21,273 (Sellout) - Canes win 3-2 in OT. Another night in Montreal, another sellout. I'm sure the Habs faithful aren't happy with the result.
  2. Philadelphia @ New Jersey - 14,426 - Devils win 3-2 in a SO. Right around the average for the Devils as they stop Philly's hot streak.
  3. Colorado @ Florida - 16,132 - Panthers win 3-0. The Cats have something going, with 3 of their last 4 with a "crowd" over 16K. I say "crowd" because when I took a look at the BankAtlantic Center last night on Center Ice, the 100's were populated, to put it nicely, sparingly.
  4. Boston @ St. Louis - 19,150 (Sellout) - Boston wins 6-3. I've really gotta look into this St. Louis club. Last place in the west and they are reporting sellouts? I took a look at the game last night and while there might not be exactly 19,150 in the building, it had to be close.
LNA: 17,745 - Solid average for a Sunday night.

Sellouts: 2 out of 4. I'll take it.

Moving on...

James Mirtle of From The Rink has a great piece on how Atlanta is killing their fanbase with a poor on-ice product and their constant discounting of tickets.

My summary would be that the constant fire-sale that GM Don Waddell holds every year is clearly holding the team back because he is not getting fair deals. Also, the constant discounting of ticket prices are discouraging season ticket holders from re-newing. Why re-new when they can get the tickets at half or better the price than they pay?

My take? Well a day after I make a small case that the Panthers are going to possibly need to be moved, this comes out. I agree 100% with the article. Carolina enjoyed great success when they won the cup in 2006, but that's the problem with some of these southern markets. They will not enjoy constant success unless they are constantly winning. Fans in Winnipeg, Hamilton, and Quebec City would easily pack the arena night in night out to see their NHL team play.

More later...

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