Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Last Night's Games

Six games last night...
  1. Montreal @ Florida - 20,741 (Sellout) - Habs win 5-2. Wow, the Panthers get their first sellout of the season and it was a big one. After a quick search of Getty Images, it looks as though the place was actually sold out, but I'm sure the Habs fans outnumbered the Panthers.
  2. Minnesota @ Calgary - 19,289 (Sellout) - Flames win 2-1. Another night in Canada, another sellout.
  3. Islanders @ Rangers - 18,200 (Sellout) - Rangers win 5-4. Most likely close to a true shutout, the Rangers finally get a regulation win in a while.
  4. Nashville @ Colorado - 15,643 - Avs win 5-1. Apparently, Avalanche Family Night wasn't much of a draw last night.
  5. San Jose @ Dallas - 18,532 (Sellout) - Sharks win 3-1. The Stars get their 6th sellout of the year.
  6. Columbus @ Los Angeles - 18,118 (Sellout) - Jackets win 2-0. LA gets their 4th sellout of the season and also lead the league with 24 home games thus far. Wow.
Update, 4:15 PM:

Last Nights Average: 18,420 - Wow... great stuff for a Monday night.

Sellouts: 5 out of 6 - can't ask for much more, eh?

I think that might be all for today, unfortunetly. Check back tomorrow if I get bored tonight, though.

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