Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Meeting Over Brunch

Some tidbits from last night/couple of days:

- Cool interview between NBC Produce Sam Flood and Puck Daddy editor Greg Wyshynski from Monday here, as they talk about NBC's plan for camera-work at the 2009 Winter Classic. Note the emphasis on wide-range shots and the return of the "airplane" camera.

- Found this tidbit in the NHL Winter Classic portal of NHL.com, which says NBC plans on having 50 camera's at the Classic, along with the NHL expecting over 41,000 spectators.

- Only 2 games last night.
  1. Colorado @ Detroit - Reported 19,154 at Joe Louis Arena (NHL.com) - Looks like that rilvary is far from dead.
  2. San Jose @ Los Angeles - Reported 16,005 at the Staples Center (NHL.com) - Guess it could have been worse...
That's all I got for now, check back later - Rob

Update, 3:05 PM: The National Post of Toronto says that Hockey gives the fan the most bang for their buck.

Wow, what a shocker. Their rankings:
  1. Hockey - 60 minutes
  2. Basketball - 48 minutes
  3. Soccer - 90 minutes - ranked lower for most likely a very small window of time actually spent in the penalty area
  4. Canadian Football - around 15 minutes
  5. American Football - only 12 minutes (that one made me chuckle)
  6. PGA Golf - 8 minutes
  7. MLB - only 5-10 minutes. wow.
Decent list in my opinion. Americans hate soccer and don't get hockey because they are "boring" yet the MLB and NFL give the least amount of true action. Ugh.

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