Wednesday, December 17, 2008

NHL Salaries indicating trouble?

James Mirtle points out an article by Mark Spector of, who explains that even though the NHL already holds back an astonishing 13.5 % of players salaries for (if needed) revenue sharing purposes, it may not be enough to cover some of the leagues troubles for this year. Therefore, Spector says, the percentage may increase in the future.

Mirtle says it best here:
If at the end of the season that's the chunk that's missing on a $56.7-million salary cap, it means teams are actually paying only $49-million in player salaries. A $7-million player like Thomas Vanek will make only $6-million this season, Sidney Crosby's $8.7-million deal is worth $7.5-million and the league minimum players fall from $475,000 to $411,000.

No, no one will be crying poor, but that's the difference we're talking about, and that's also likely the ballpark we should be thinking about (a) potential free agent salaries and (b) next year's cap.

I think this is an indication that, although Bettman has said in earlier reports the economy hasn't really had a hard hit on the sport thus far, that hammer will come down soon enough. We will all soon find out.

But hey, at least attendance is rising... right?

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