Monday, December 29, 2008

Sunday's Games...

6 Games on Sunday...
  1. Toronto @ Washington - 18,277 (Sellout) - Caps win 4-1. Caps get their 6th sellout of the season along with the win.
  2. Nashville @ Edmonton - 16,839 (Sellout) - Oilers win 5-2. Edmonton has played the least amount of home games this season thus far, with only 10; all sellouts mind you.
  3. Ottawa @ Vancouver - 18,630 (Sellout) - Nucks win 3-0. 17th sellout of the season, a solid 3-0 win. Watching this one there were a couple more empty seats than usual, though.
  4. Boston @ Atlanta - 16,835 - Bruins win 2-1. Three games in row over 16K at Phillips arena? Really? Their promotion page says it was a Phillips blanket giveaway, but I can't see that being a huge pull. Maybe it was Boston, I'm not sure.
  5. Anaheim @ St. Louis - 19,150 (Sellout) - Ducks win 4-3. The Blues keep packin 'em in with their 14th sellout of the season, I gotta make time for this team ASAP.
  6. Chicago @ Minnesota - 18,568 (Sellout) - Hawks win 4-1. Another sellout in the State of Hockey, Chicago gets their 9th win in a row.
LNA: 18,050 - Great average for a Sunday

Sellouts: 5 out of 6. That's what every night should be shooting for.

That's it for now, check bay way later or tomorrow as I start traveling for hockey in about 30 minutes.

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