Monday, January 26, 2009

Clarification and another CBC-Bettman Interview

Just a clarification on my All-Star "Idea" from yesterday (see below).

I understand the All-Star Weekend format will most likely not be changed (especially anytime soon, with the show Montreal put on and the game itself last night). It is a cash-cow for the city that hosts it and it is very important for fanfare. The weekend alone brought in at least 10 Million for the NHL in sponsorship money, too.

Either way, it was a great game and a solid weekend. I'll be looking for the TV Rating it drew on Versus ASAP, as nothing was in today's Sports Business Daily.

Before the game last night CBC's Ron MacLean spoke with Gary Bettman for about nine minutes. Here it is:

Highlights from the Business standpoint:

- Economic "growth" of 5-6% for this year.
- Bettman confirmed high Escrow possibilities
- A top revenue-sharing team could be getting 17 Million Dollars this season. Wow.
- Bettman: "I believe that Relocation is only a matter of last resort..."
- Bettman stated that Balsillie "bailed out" on the two franchises he pursued.

A great interview. No real shocking news, but some clarifications from the head poncho.

A quick edit: I forgot to mention a quick Attendance stat.

There were 31 sellouts last week, the most since I started tracking sellouts in late December. The reason I say this?

Well there were only games from Sunday through Thursday because of the break. Quite a successful mini week. Total Sellouts for the season number at 361 now.

Something more later.

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