Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Morning News and Notes

Plenty of news today.

- According to Paul Kelley, the NHLPA Executive Director, the Salary Cap will remain the same or drop next season (Slam):
"He figures the salary cap will be between $54 million and $57 million next season, but he can't say what will happen in 2010-11."
- The Dallas Stars released some ticket pricing information (Dallas Business Journal). Highlights:

• The reduction of the price of 1,303 lower-bowl seats at American Airlines Center, dropping 519 seats in the lower bowl from $55 to $40 and the remaining 784 seats from $73 to $55.

• All of the other season ticket prices are frozen for fans who renew by March 18.

• Fans will get up to $250 credit for food, beverage and merchandise.

• Season seat holders will not pay for this year’s playoff games until the Stars’ 2009 playoffs are over.

• Those renewing season tickets will be eligible for rewards such as double season tickets, tickets to the NHL All-Star Game or Winter Classic, delivery of tickets by a Stars player, and even road trips to an away game on the team plane.

Good deals. One thing that puzzles me is if a season ticket holder does not renew by March 18, does that mean there prices could be going up? Also, its risky, but I really like the credited playoff games. The Stars had a 92% season ticket renewal rate from last season to this season, along with cutting upper bowl tickets by almost 40%, so we will have to see if this plan works out down in Big D.

- The Lightning hack at season ticket prices (Tampa Bay Online):
"The Tampa Bay Lightning are slashing season-ticket prices by an average of 10 percent for next season, with almost 4,000 seats available at the St. Pete Times Forum for only $239...

Almost 1,300 upper-level seats have been reclassified to be included in the $239 season-ticket package that averages out to $5.69, plus tax, per game. Nearly 20 percent of the arena's seats will feature that $239 designation and half-season packages in the same area will cost $149.

The remainder of season-ticket prices in the terrace level will decrease by 20 percent and some season tickets in the plaza level will average as low as $35.69 per game, plus tax."
Those are really low. Along with this, the club is offering an 8 month payment plan and a 3% rebate (in Forum dollars, money you can use at the St. Pete Times Forum) for season ticket holders who renew by March 27.

- Apparently, the Islanders could get off Long Island if they really wanted to, as there supposedly is a release clause that centers around the Nassau Coliseum renovations (
"Once the county executive submits a lease for the 150 acres of county-owned property, the legislature has 120 days to approve it. If it doesn’t, the team can leave...

Nassau County loses between $1 million and $2 million a year on the upkeep of the Coliseum, and Wang loses about $20 million a year operating the Islanders."

Charles Wang also had a candid comment before the Town of Hempstead meeting this week:

“Ultimately, if you don’t want to go to an (Islanders) game because the arena is a dump, I lose, the county loses, everybody loses,” Wang said. “I want this thing to proceed. We can talk and talk, but we’ve got to get off our butts. Let’s get it done.

“It’s a Long Island team. They belong where they are.”

All sorts of news swirling on the Island.

- Finally, Nick at Let There Be Light(house) has a fantastic post on some of the issues that surround the Lighthouse Project. Today he dealt with financing, the delay up to now, transportation, and the Islanders situation with Kansas City. If you want to understand Charles Wang and the Islanders situation and all, take a look at the article.

More later.


  1. $55 or $40 lower bowl seats in Dallas next season, wow. I'll be paying almost $29 a game for my season seats to the Oilers and I sit in the nose bleeds. I know there is the conversion rate to account for but it still seems like quite the difference.

  2. How does Tampa Bay even make money? lol.