Thursday, February 19, 2009

Islanders Lighthouse Project Gaining Momentum?

Chris Botta of Point Blank is claiming that "The Lighthouse project has a healthy pulse." Botta would definitely be one to know, as he was the former Vice President of Media Relations for the Islanders.
Over the last 24 hours, Point Blank received more than a half-dozen anonymous tips in our Inbox that business was being conducted over the plans to transform the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum and surrounding property. When we finally connected with real sources on the side of the developers and politicians, the information was confirmed.
Botta says that the key to keeping this going would be any sort of "news" in the next ten days or so. Because if nothing positive happens by mid-march, there is a real possibility the project may be more dead than it was considered before today.

There have been rumbles that the Islanders might move to Queens, and U.S. Rep Anthony Weinger, who will be running for New York City Mayor in 2010, said:
“I’m looking for the Islanders moving to Brooklyn...”
Well OK then, it is good to hear some positive news on the Lighthouse, as it could really help out the situation on Long Island.

Might be all for tonight; big club hockey playoff game.

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