Sunday, February 1, 2009

NHL Plans European Vacation Again

During HNIC's Hotstove segment last night, CBC's Scott Morrison reported the NHL is planning 3 games in Europe for the '09-'10 NHL Premier. The NHL's European tour will come back to Czech Republic in Prague, along with again visiting Sweden in Stockholm. The third and new city to host the two weekend games as of right now is Helsinki, Finland.

The tentative plan right now is to send Calgary and San Jose to Helsinki, Detroit and St. Louis to Stockholm, and finally Chicago and Florida in Prague. Morrison noted that these are all preliminary plans though, because the teams (especially Detroit, according to him) still have to satisfy their ticket sales needs.

As I've stated before around here, I'm for the NHL kicking off the season in Europe. Yes, there are some downfalls such as less home games for the loving fanbases over here and some tough logistics for the teams that travel; but I thought the NHL handled the scheduling well with this seasons premier. I'm for all of this because the Premier allows the league and the game to shine on an international level, which will always help the league.

That might be all for today, as I have some serious school-work. So if not enjoy your Sunday.

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