Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday News and Notes

Couple of quick headlines. I'm pretty busy today but I managed to tinker with my attendance spreadsheet so I can do some new graphs and such; but that will come later tonight.

- Remember the Maple Leafs raising ticket prices for next season on Tuesday? Ken Campbell has a good article at THN in reaction to that. The point of it? Essentially, the Leafs are covering potential gains for not being in the playoffs. Welcome to Leaf Nation...

- Apparently, the NBA is taking parts from last years NHL "One Play/Live Every Shift" promo campaign (Puck The Media).

Like I said, busy for now with a test early tonight, some attendance stuff later tonight.

- Update, 2:00 PM EST:

- Ed Willes makes his case to Gary Bettman to contracting to a 26 team NHL (Faceoff). For some reason, this one line from the article seemed to tickle my fancy:
Still, for all that, the league expends a disproportionate amount of energy propping up its weakest franchises.
I couldn't agree more. He suggests dropping four and moving two, but I don't know about that. If I were to contract I would subtract two and most likely move one or two. I don't know, this topic is really for the long summer days of the off-season where spending too much time in the sun leads to crazy ideas and rants.

More later.

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