Friday, February 6, 2009

Wild to Freeze Season Ticket Prices

More business-related news out of the Globe and Mail, as the Minnesota Wild will apparently freeze their season ticket prices for next season with the U.S. recession in mind.
Vice president Jamie Spencer said feedback from fans indicated the organization needed to adjust to their financial situations, so the Wild made the announcement early and will provide more-flexible payment plans. Prices typically aren't finalized until the spring.
The Wild have sold out every night in their 351 game franchise history, and I expect this to continue. The waiting list for season tickets is over 7,500 people strong. The Wild's average premium ticket price is $99.38; about $15 below the NHL average. Their single game ticket prices went up just over 6% last season, so it will be interesting to see if they roll over the freeze to that end of ticket sales as well (all from

The Wild are the first club to announce this, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if this became a regular event among teams; especially with season ticket holders in an effort to keep them from bailing on their seats.

Also, I'm officially calling it that if the Rangers manage to re-unite with Sean Avery, good things will happen (not to mention my freshly bought Avery jersey from Christmas 2007 will be revived). Hey, Mirtle doesn't see a problem with it!

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  1. Bruins are raising the price on the glass $15/ticket, lowering the lower bowl corners, and keeping everyone else the same.

  2. Interesting. My gut instinct and first reaction thinks they will be able to get away with it because of their success this season. But keeping everything else the same is a good sign.