Sunday, March 8, 2009

Second Half Attendance Boost: Part III

I just like the guy in the cowboy hat.

As much as there is nothing going on today, I still have some Second Half Attendance Boost numbers to present as they haven't been updated in two weeks. If you missed parts I and II, you can find them here. Let's first take a look at the average attendance numbers (click to enlarge):

No huge changes. Carolina is riding a great streak right now, selling out 4 of their last 7 home games and dipping below 18,000 only once during that streak as well. What is also good to see is that some teams that have lost in average in the second half have experienced a little boost in the last two weeks as the green boxes show.

Now lets take a look at the Second Half Capacity Attendance Boost (click to enlarge):

Again, more of the same, but the advantage of looking at the second half boost in terms of capacity is that it allows teams with a smaller arena (such as Nashville whose capacity is only 17,113) to have more of a fair look.

And for those of you reading I have a question. As the playoffs near the amount of business news will most likely become less and less because the focus of the media will shift towards the actual games. So, if you are reading and have any requests or statistics that you would like to see, please email me or just comment on any post and I will see what I can do.

Thanks for reading as always. Might be all for today so if not come on back tomorrow.

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