Sunday, May 3, 2009

The End (?) of Puck Money

To any loyal readers:

I am sorry to say that I will not continue this blog beyond this day. It has been four months of fun and I have learned a lot about the Business of Hockey, but I am unable to fully commit to writing this blog daily, which makes it unfair to you guys to keep it going. I am not deleting the site in case anyone needs my statistics and such, but this will most likely be the last post unless I for some reason revive it in the unforeseeable future.

This blog did allow me to improve my writing skills and get noticed for a new gig (New York Ranger analysis at Blueshirt Banter). For that I am grateful. Thanks to all the commenters, and if anyone needs anything feel free to email me.

Here's to Northern Relocation and the NHL growing in general,

Rob Luker - Puck Money.


  1. So basically you're just joining blueshirt banter?

    Ok, fair enough.

  2. And here's to Northern jobs and population relocating to the Sunbelt.

  3. This was an interesting blog....I will miss it

  4. Will miss this blog, and yes please the data and posts up and available. But will see you on the BlueShirt Banter!

  5. @ Cornelius: Yes, basically. I would like to do both blogs at once, but with my first internship this summer that I just landed and a bunch of other stuff planned, it would be spotty writing.