Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last Nights Events and Phoenix Photos

4 Games last night...
  1. Toronto @ Atlanta - 16,413 - Leafs win 6-2. This is the first time Atlanta has broke 16K in 9 games, and only the 3rd time all year (2nd if you don't include opening night). I checked the Thrashers Promotional Page, and didn't find anything special for last night besides All-you-can-eat seats. I guess the Thrashers can thank Toronto for bringing a crowd. All of this after a day of Thrasher bashing, too.
  2. Phoenix @ Edmonton - 16,839 (Sellout) - Oilers win 4-2. Another night in Edmonton, another sellout.
  3. Anaheim @ Vancouver - 18,630 (Sellout) - Canucks win 4-3. Another boring sellout.
  4. Pittsburgh @ Buffalo - 18,690 (Sellout) - Pens win 4-3 in OT. Buffalo back to a sellout, as they have been a little inconsistent of late, only selling out 4 of their last 10. They have yet to drop below 18K once this season, though.
LNA: 17,643 - Well above the 17K line for a weeknight. Good stuff.

Sellouts: 3 out of 4. Easy to do when there is only 4 games, but still, yee haw. It will be interesting to see the average and sellouts for tonight's games, as there are I think about 10-12 of them.

Moving on...

These photos below are from Novemember 1st in Phoenix against the Minnesota Wild. The reported attendance? 14,817...




Now I'm not sure who took these pictures, so for citing purposes I saw them first here on HF Boards. Now obviously, this isn't really big news. We all know that the struggling teams, and even some that aren't struggling (my New York Rangers, for example), are just announcing the paid attendance. But my god, this has to look awful on tv, therefore discouraging sponsorship opportunities. You could even bring in the fact that the concession stands must be losing money.

Right now, the Phoenix Coyotes should be the NHL's top priority to fix.

More later...

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  1. They must have meant 14,817 empty seats.