Friday, December 19, 2008

Last Nights Events

Way late post here, but Almost all of NY State is buried in snow and I've had a long day. Here are the figures for last nights games:
  1. Toronto @ Boston - 17,565 (Sellout) - Boston wins 8-5. It's the new NHL! Goals goals goals! 8 of them in the second. Good showing.
  2. St. Louis @ Washington - 18,277 (Sellout) - Caps win 4-2. First sellout in 5 games for the Caps, on a Wednesday night nonetheless.
  3. Florida @ Carolina - 14,533 - Canes win 2-1 in OT. After a recent upswing at the RBC Center, the Canes dip below their average.
  4. Pittsburgh @ Atlanta - 15,124 - Pens win 6-3. Sidney who? Apparently the news didn't reach some Thrasher fans that number 87 was in town.
  5. Philadelphia @ Montreal - 21,273 (Sellout) - Montreal wins 5-2. Habs get back on track after some recent troubles on ice. They also continue the sellout streak as well.
  6. Colorado @ Tampa Bay - 16,333 - Avs win 2-1 in a SO. A little bit of a surge from a northern city swingin though for Tampa.
  7. San Jose @ Detroit - 19,507 - Wings win 6-0. Somewhat surprised this didn't sell out, but was still within a 1000 of doing so. Wings make a statement for "best in the west" as well.
  8. Columbus @ Dallas - 16,281 - Dallas wins 6-5 in a SO. Dallas has been unpredictable this year, so 16K and change for the Jackets is acceptable. They saw an entertaining game as well.
  9. Nashville @ Phoenix - 14,193 - Phoenix wins 2-1. 22nd worst away draw along with a city who doesn't realize its Coyotes are in the playoffs doesn't exactly spell sellout.
LNA (Last Night's Average): 17,010
Sellouts: 3 out of 9.

I'm starting to think that if every night the NHL can manage to average around 17 to 17,500 fans that the leagues revenue from tickets will rise.

In a bit of a rush, more later. Rob.

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