Thursday, January 8, 2009

Coyotes News, Graph tidbits...

Wednesday was moving day for me, back up to college. Once I get my footing this weekend, there should be some more stuff.

On Wednesday, the Arizona Republic reported the Coyotes laid off 18 employees due to their economic condition, which is about 10 % of the staff. (Sports Business Daily)

According to Coyotes President and COO David Moss, they mad the cuts in "ticket sales, game operations, administration, public relations and community relations."

The end of the article:
Moss said that the team "would rely more on technology to make ticket sales, which he said are up by nearly 90,000 compared to a year ago." He also said that the "amount of free tickets the team gives away is down nearly" 75%. Moss: "Things are moving in a good direction, but we still lose a considerable amount of money"
Makes sense given Internet usage today. And it is also good to see that the number of free tickets being given away is way down, even though it doesn't look great on television.

Finally, after updating the Attendance spreadsheet today, I thought I'd let you in on these tidbits:

- Through Sunday the 4th, there have been a reported total of 279 sellouts. I will be keeping track week by week the change in the number.

- The Largest Crowd thus far was in Chicago on Friday, November 14th, when they hosted the Blues in a 4-3 OT loss. It was reported at 22,712. Wow.

- On the other hand, the Smallest Crowd thus far was 10,183; when the Islanders hosted the Dallas Stars on Thursday, October 23rd. The Isles lost 5-3.

That's all for now.

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