Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm Still Here, Believe It or Not...

I understand my posts have nosedived the past 2 weeks, and I apologize. I'm just trying to get into my new groove in a new semester at school. After this post I'm going to pump out a fresh version of Playing Under Capacity, focusing on the Los Angeles Kings.

One little tidbit that isn't old news:

Ever since putting up my Playing Below Capacity piece on the New Jersey Devils, more and more fans have been quietly sneaking into the Prudential Center.

At the time I wrote the article, they were already above the 85% threshold, with their reported figure at 85.7 %. Since then though the Devil's Percent Capacity has risen to 86.6 %! I'm taking all the credit for the upswing, by the way.

Check back soon.

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