Saturday, January 24, 2009

Feeling Much Better

Sorry for my absence the past couple of days; I came down hard with a touch of the Flu. I feel a lot better as of this morning, so lets catch up.

- A thanks to Greg Wyshynski for featuring my look at the Nashville Predators attendance issues in his Tuesday morning Puck Headlines at Puck Daddy.

- Thusday the NHLPA Executive Board voted 30-0 to not re-open the current CBA between them and the league.

- Friday Sports Media Watch reported via Sports Business Daily that the Rangers and Penguins drew a 1.0/2 final rating; the highest for a regular-season game with NBC.

- reported on Friday that the NHLPA will recommend to its members that escrow payments be almost doubled to 25% from the now 13%.

- Finally, here is a chart I made with basic information of NHL Arenas. There isn't one quite like it. I had an idea to go along with it, but to be honest I forgot it when I became sick. I'll use it for something, eventually. It is sorted by the year the arena opened (click to enlarge):

Thats all for now, Enjoy the All-Star weekend.

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