Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Busy Day

Busy Day for me today as I got called into work, so this will be my only post. So with that, I will leave you with some Wednesday Afternoon reading from around the Hockey Business World:

- Puck The Media takes a look at the problems behind NBC's decisions on which game to incorporate into their flex scheduling, and some options on how to improve it.

- Eric Lindros stepped down as the NHLPA obudsman yesterday. This was a newly created position for him when he accepted it, and his job was to basically overview all of new Executive Director Paul Kelley's moves, which was a tough job with sometimes strained relations between the two.

- Not business related, but nonetheless always entertaining. A fresh John Buccigross column on ESPN.

- Commissioner Bettman spoke at The Business Lecture Series in Toronto last night. Once again, he hammered home that the NHL will continue to grow this season. The main but general quote:
"This will be our fourth consecutive year of record revenue growth and, because our attendance historically increases month by month, 2008-09 also likely will be our fourth consecutive season of record attendance," Bettman said. "That said, we are, of course, faced with challenges and I focus on them every moment of every day. I see the challenges and I am extremely confident they can be overcome through hard work, through the commitment of my office and the Board of Governors to every one of our franchises in every one of our markets and through the strength of the economic system that governs the League’s relationship with the players."
Happy reading...

One quick edit: As I was updating the spreadsheet last night, we have a new low for a single game attendance; which occured last night.

The Islanders 3-1 over the Lightning last night at Nassau Veterans Memoral Coliseum was attended by only a reported 9,808 spectators:

Wow. After looking at some more photos, it did look like some more filed in, but still, that's just plain brutal. In defense, there was a snowstorm in the area last night. For more on the Islanders attendance woes, see my article from yesterday.

Now I'm late, gotta run.

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