Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Don Cherry

Happy Birthday to a man that I listen to week in and week out, and I always for some reason agree with. Don Cherry is 75 today, and although its an afternoon post, I'm sure Don isn't napping. The Globe and Mail's Tim Wharnsby has a nice piece on Don and some candid comments, which always leads to some Cherry logic:
"A doctor told me that he can tell if an old guy walks into his office wearing a new suit, that means he's feeling good because he is expecting to live a long time," Cherry said. "I just bought six new suits a couple months ago, and I have another six coming."

Seems like a slow day on the business side, again. I tried running some revenue-sharing projection numbers earlier, but I think I'm missing something as my original projections came out saying no team qualified for revenue sharing last season. I'll try to figure that out next week, as I will be on break from school starting Wednesday. Speaking of which, a heads up for the next couple of days: I will not be around that often. I have a paper due tommorow and a full slate of work this weekend as Clarkson Hockey has three Womens games and a Mens game planned over two days. Tack on two tests Tuesday before I hop on home and I will be plenty busy. If I have a minute and there are some pieces of news, I will throw them up for your viewing pleasure. But if not, refer to your other sources for a couple of days.

So with that, I will thank the few of you that read consistently, and here is a clip showing Don Cherry's best side:

Have a nice weekend.

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