Monday, February 9, 2009

Late Night Menu

A couple of quick hits tonight:

- NBA Commish David Stern was on TheFan 590 this afternoon discussing the state of the NBA and the Toronto Raptors. Here's a quick summary:
NBA Commissioner David Stern joined the Game Plan to discuss the impact of the economy on the professional basketball league. In contrast to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman (who stated that his league is doing well) Stern admitted that although the NBA would do well in financial terms this season, he was more than concerned about next season.
Interesting, considering what is coming out of our commissioners mouth.

- If you are lucky enough to have the NHL Network, Dave Hodge will have NHLPA Executive Director Paul Kelley on his new program, "The Hot Stove League" at 7 PM EST. He will most likely cover much of what Bettman covered on CBC's The Hour, which I posted earlier today, but from a players point of view. I'll be looking out for it.

- A programming note: the sixth edition of my series, Playing Below Capacity, will be delayed until Wednesday night or Thursday morning. I am traveling Wednesday during the day and I also have a ridiculously busy Tuesday, sorry!

Have a nice night.

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