Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Afternoon Roundup

Here are the top stories this afternoon around the Business World of Hockey:

- Wings @ Pens drew a 1.1 on NBC yesterday afternoon (Puck The Media)

- Speaking of marketing partnerships, MLB TV and NHL GameCenter team up to offer you a great online viewing deal (

- CBC posts Gary Bettman's uncut interview on CBC's "The Hour" last Thursday. (Slap Shot - New York Times) Highlights? Right off the bat the relocation/expansion talk starts, and then around the 10 minute mark some more Phoenix discussion comes up. Its a long one, but Bettman does reveal some interesting views on how he deals with certain situations and basically what makes him tick.

- In light of the Wild freezing season ticket prices, other teams are starting to announce their plans as well. The Oilers and Bruins will both be slightly increasing their tickets for next season.

I'm going to revive a little tradition which I loved that Sean Leahy used to do weekly over at Going Five Hole to keep our touch with the game fresh. Here was this past Saturday's Coach's Corner with Ron MacLean and Don Cherry:

Hopefully more later...

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