Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Afternoon Roundup.

- The Tampa Bay Lightning are accused of giving thousands of tickets away a night.
Numbers provided by Hillsborough County, which owns the 13-year-old facility, show that through December (the latest data available) the team sold an average of 14,119 tickets for 16 dates. Announced crowds, however, averaged 16,698.

NHL teams announce attendance based on tickets distributed, which means Tampa Bay gave away an average of 2,579.

Oh boy, that's not a good sign.

- An overview/update of the Atlanta Thrashers troubles off and on the ice.
Welcome to Blah-land — formerly Blueland — where the ownership is fighting itself, the team is in the cellar and angst grows over the very future of hockey in Atlanta.

- Puck The Media has the 2010 Olympic Ice Hockey Tournament Schedule posted, and Hockey Weekend Across America seemed to be a success as 13 out of 15 games in American markets sold-out on Saturday and Sunday night.

If something else breaks, I'll cover it, but I'm not sure there is anything more to come today.

I'll leave you with a great commercial from FSN in 2004:

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