Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gretzky on HNIC and Thrashers Ownership Troubles Resurface

First of all, the Rangers suck. Tom Renney is eventually going to take the fall for Glen Sather's awful GM decisions, and its a shame. He has overachieved with this club and brought the club back to life the past couple of seasons. End the Sather era in New York.


Wayne Gretzky spoke with HNIC's Inside Hockey last night. They started with the state of the Coyotes and eventually led to his future plans. Take a look (business related stuff up to the 4 min. mark and after the 6 min):

Gretzky is confident the team will still be in Phoenix next season. The biggest news maker came out after the 6 minute mark, where Gretzky said that if the team did move, he wouldn't be going with it as coach. Finally, he acknowledges the fact that a team or teams would most likely be successful in Southern Ontario. Nothing too shocking.

In other Gretzky news, the Globe and Mail reported Saturday morning that he was getting paid close to 8 million dollars to coach the Coyotes. Gretzky dismissed this Saturday night before the game, saying:
"The reality is my partnership with Mr. (Coyotes owner Jerry) Moyes is pretty unique. My partnership goes along the lines of coaching and corporate work for the hockey club -- part of the salary goes into ownership."
Well OK then.

The Thrashers ownership battles are back in the news as they go back into courts as well. James Mirtle and The Falconer had their takes over the weekend. For a little history on this, Puck Money reader Jennifer sent me two great articles back in late January. Supposedly, a man named David McDavid (heh) won the original lawsuit to make him the rightful owner, but that didn't happen. Finally, a little more history as here is the original story of the Atlanta owners attempting to buy each other out.

To sum it up, the Thrashers, Hawks, and Phillips Arena are essentially a package deal. Because of this mess and their individual performances in their respective leagues, they are easily worth more than they are to purchase. I will either touch on this more later tonight or further on in the week, or when it comes the Thrashers turn for my Playing Below Capacity Series.

Either way, more later.

Update, 6:15 PM:

I don't know how I missed this, but the Kings join the bandwagon in freezing season ticket prices for next season.

A summary of ticket price announcements (for next season) thus far:

- Wild freeze prices
- Oilers will slightly increase
- Bruins will slightly increase

More later.

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