Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday News and Notes

- Greg Sheehan at the Bleacher Report takes a look at what the lockout did for the NHL. Don't think the NHL is the strongest its ever been?
"Premier talent commanded ridiculous salaries, perhaps acceptable in a more marketable sport, and with no ceiling. In fallout, the contracts of medium- and lower-level talents bore higher salaries, and with no regulations on team and individual player spending, the NHL spent more money than it generated.

In the last year before the lockout, the NHL lost $221 million and there was not enough income to support 20 out of 30 NHL teams."

- More issues with the Pink, Grey, and White NHL Jerseys that are sold to target the female audience from a female perspective (Puck The Media). I think its B.S. too.

- I was directed to a new site via e-mail called On Goal Analysis. At OGA, Matt, Eric, and Mike do some serious playoff statistical analysis with some serious (87%, they claim) accuracy. Last season, the Red Wings clinched a playoff berth on March 5, 2008; not according to OGA:
"The Red Wings were indeed the first team in the NHL to clinch a playoff berth. However, they did so on October 24, 2007, not four months later."
- Finally, some NHL commercial clips to ease the eyes on a Saturday afternoon. First one I haven't seen, then a classic:

Maybe something later, but if not enjoy your Saturday.

- Update: 2:30 PM EST

Part 2 of the issues surrounding the Lighthouse Project on Long Island is up. (Let There Be Light(house)). Part 1 here, highlights of part 2:
"As per the Lighthouse, these are the current proposed benefits for the site:
  • 60,000 construction and construction-related jobs
  • 20,000 permanent jobs
  • $20-70 million in yearly tax revenue
It's worth noting, as I've mentioned before, that these are the current proposed benefits. Until the final scope is settled, this is pure speculation, and maybe it should be seen as a "best case" scenario...

In addition, I'm sticking closer to my original prediction. Construction for the new Coliseum will begin next year after hockey season ends, and we must remain vigilant and positive to ensure this date is fulfilled."
Remember, the Lighthouse Project is key for the Islanders to stick around on Long Island and become much more financially sound. Keep an eye on Nick's site if you want to keep updated.

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