Sunday, March 1, 2009

Division Attendance Statistics

PostFinance Arena - Home of SC Bern

A quick note about about the picture above. This is where the New York Rangers played an exhibition game against SC Bern and the Inaugural Victoria Cup against Metallurg Magnitogorsk this past pre-season. The arena has the worlds largest standing room grandstand (for an arena) at just under 12,000; which is pictured. The arena is in Bern, Switzerland.

Did a couple of calculations yesterday afternoon focusing on attendance by division. I found the average attendance of each division along with the average capacity. Before I did this, I guessed that the Northeast and Northwest would win both categories for their respective conference. Take a look at the East first (click to enlarge):

Got one right. The Atlantic division sags because of the Devils and Islanders, along with a small Mellon arena capacity. The Southeast, although it has some bright spots on some nights, is still the Southeast. Another note; the overall average and capacity shown isn't the true figure. Both are the averages of the previous averages above, which is essentially a shortcut to the figure. It is still in the ballpark range, just not in the right seat.

Take a look at the West (click to enlarge):

My prediction failed here. The Northwest packs the rinks the most, but does not lead in average. The Central takes this crown, due heavily to the fact that the Blackhawks and Red Wings consistently have more than 20,000 spectators roll through the turnstiles. Although the Pacific is low in terms of average, the capacity percentage is right up there, which is a good sign.

This was the product of a boring Saturday. When I update the NHL Month by Month Average, I think I will also do a Division Month by Month Average as well.

Probably all for today, as 10 hours of pay and a half call at the rink.

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