Monday, March 2, 2009

The Monday Memo

News and Notes from around the Business World of Hockey...

- Really fun Player/League escrow amount news! Sports Business Journal (from Paul Kukla) reports that the NHL will retain $120 million in player salaries to cover shortfalls. This equates to about $ 4 million per team. From SBJ:
"Sources familiar with league revenue projections said that 'significantly' more than $120 million in escrow money will be retained by the league."
I point this out because back in late January I produced a ballpark escrow figure on how much each player would lose and how much shortfall the league will have this season. I came up with a shortfall of just under $210 million, which means each player would lose just under $123,000 per million in their contracts (18% of their deals).

- Ticket pricing news, as according to Team Marketing Report the Predators and Bridgestone Tires have teamed up to offer a 3-game pack for the renaming of the season:
"Fans who purchase any three games on the remaining Predators regular season home schedule will receive a $250 discount card, redeemable on anything from an oil change to a free tire (when you buy three)...

Although the pack was still available through the end of February, Predators Senior Vice President of Corporate Development Chris Parker said the team sold “several
hundred packages” with more than a week left"
Apparently, this has been going on for at least a couple weeks is the feeling I get from reading the article. I couldn't find anything on the Predators website, though. Either way, good deal.

- will stream its day-long trade deadline show in the US (Puck The Media). It's official, I really won't be doing anything come Wednesday.

- Finally, as the playoff approaches, one of many former NHL Ads that will be shown here:

More later.

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