Friday, February 13, 2009

Winter Classic Rumor

Dan Rosen of reported that Commissioner Bettman was touring the new Yankee Stadium Thursday as a possible site for the 2010 Winter Classic. Bettman was apparently invited by the Yankees to swing by. Bettman naturally backtracked, saying:
"This was extremely preliminary," Bettman said. "To suggest we're even at the embryonic stage would be an exaggeration."
I'm gonna call it now, the next Winter Classic will be in New York City.

I forget exactly where I got this photo, but I think it was over the Summer 2008 when the old Yankee Stadium was still being considered for the '09 Classic.

I like that setup, I always though they should have set it up at Wrigley like so.

That is probably all for today, enjoy your night.

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