Friday, February 13, 2009

Division Attendance Stability: Part II

Back in the middle of December I did a little piece on which Divisions have the most stable attendances. I figured I'd revisit that today since every team has had at least about 10 home games since. It also gives us a chance to look at the game by game attendance of each team while were at it. Click the graphs enlarge/clarify them.

- Central Division:

December Stability Rating: 6 out of 10 (2 points for each team)
February Rating: 6.5 out of 10.

Chicago and Detroit are the only teams in the Central that are consistently selling out now a days. St. Louis' attendance is great considering they are in the basement of the West. Columbus was up and down brutally in the beginning, but they will be receiving a big second half boost with their playoff race so I expect them to settle down. Finally, Nashville is looking up but is a mess from night to night.

- Northwest Division:

December Rating: 9/10
February Rating: 9/10

Four out of Five teams will sellout (and in this division, this literally means sellout) every game this season, which gets them eight points already. The situation in Colorado is not looking good for the rest of the season, as the Avs are now in last place. They will have to do some marketing in Denver to keep the Pepsi Center full.

- Pacific Division:

December Rating: 5.5/10
February Rating: 7.5/10

Hockey is hot in the Pacific right now. The Kings are the buzz in L.A., and their recent attendance shows this. Phoenix is actually starting to settle as well, as much as its around the 15,000 average. Those fresh Dallas season ticket holders that were kicking themselves in December are now seeing the team that they payed for back in July. And finally Anaheim is in the playoffs as always.

- Atlantic Division:

December Rating: 7/10
February Rating: 7/10

No change here. Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and the Rangers are still going strong, while the Devils and Islanders go up down and around. The Devils average seems to have slightly climbed but they are still susceptible to really low nights.

- Northeast Division:

December Rating: 9.5/10
February Rating: 10/10

Can't get much more predictable than the Northeast. The only slightly unstable team is the Senators, who have only dipped below 18,000 once in their past 10 games. My Bruins prediction came true as they have sold out 13 of their past 15 home games.

- Southeast Division:

December Rating: 4/10
February Rating: 4.5/10

Washington has sold out 12 of their last 13 home games and the Hurriacnes average crowd per game from the first half is up 12%. Tampa, Florida, and Atlanta are still a mess, but that is really no surprise.

Any thoughts? Maybe more later.

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