Tuesday, March 3, 2009

2009 Division Monthly Average Attendance: Part I

The St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, FL.

As I promised a couple of days ago with the NHL Division by Division average attendance, I stepped it up a bit today and took the average attendance of each division and broke it down into monthly form, through February naturally. Lets take a look at the East first (click to enlarge):

The big shocker; the Southeast division is only41 average spectators away from the Atlantic division. The Southeast also played almost the same amount of home games as the Atlantic in February as well, playing 32 to the Atlantic's 35. The Atlantic as a whole has not benefited from the second half boost, but the division will get a boost when Pens fans pack in the new Consol Energy Arena for the start of the 2010-2011 season (~ 19 months). One more tidbit, the Northeast division had its highest average in December while playing the most amount of home games thus far in a month, with 32 contests.

A look at the West (click to enlarge):

I wondered two things when I first saw this. First, can the Northwest continue to grow or will it flatten/dive? That is all up to the Avalanche, as the other four members of the division have the same attendances night in and night out, so I think we will be seeing at least a flat number in March or a dive. Secondly, will the Central bounce back? I see no reason why not. Chicago and Detroit will obviously continue their good numbers, while Nashville and Columbus are fighting for playoff spots, and St. Louis will most likely continue to average well over 18,000 a night. Look for a bounce back. I think the number of home games (36) for the Central division in February hurt the figures.

These numbers don't mean much now beyond projections for March, but when the season is over it will really help for the 2009-2010 season projections.

Might be all for today.

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